Now the iPhone X is at last here.

And as I mentioned in the previous blog, it’s not all the great things it can do but HOW we use it as a phone that’s really important.

To some extent, I left you hanging last time when I mentioned this absolutely preferred (I would say ‘essential’) format for handling incoming calls:

Good morning/afternoon/evening
[XYZ company or Dept] optional if you’re NOT the first responder to the call
First name
Last name

And notice ……. NOTHING on the end. Not even a ‘speaking’. Nothing. No ‘how can I help you’. NOTHING.

The WHY of that is all described in what’s called ‘the Peak End Effect’. Essentially it says that humans tend to respond to the last thing they experience. For example, how you’re checked out of a hotel tends to have more impact on whether or not you’ll book again than how you’re welcomed.

That’s why nothing after the ‘THIS IS first name, last name’ is so important.

Because, as we said last time, the whole purpose of the ‘THIS IS first name, last name’ part of the answering sequence is to ‘force’ the automatic response of the caller’s first name and last name. Or … put more simply, the purpose is to CONNECT.

However natural it may seem, it turns out that putting anything on the end of the ‘THIS IS first name, last name’ part of the answering sequence actually makes it harder to connect.

Try it. See what happens.

And do please let me know.

And let me know too if you’ve been lucky enough to get in the queue for the iPhone X too.