Last weekend it was raining heavily here in Singapore.

And I was at home with my 2 children. None of us fancied cooking. So we thought we’d try Deliveroo for the very first time.

They were linked to one of our favourite restaurants so we ordered simply and easily online. Ad we were ‘told’ it would be delivered in 56 minutes. The timer started counting down.

It even told us when the food was being prepared!

And then we got a message at the 50-minute mark that said this:


The food arrived (beautifully packaged too) about 7 minutes ‘late’ — we weren’t in a hurry anyway — via a very wet yet smiling motorcyclist.

We sat down to dinner and it was as great as dinning out! And then the phone rang.

I didn’t recognise that number (it had a +44 uk beginning). It was Deliveroo.

The lady on the phone told me they were calling for 3 reasons: to check that it all went well, to apologise profusely for the delay and, get this, to express their apologies by giving me free delivery on my next order!

Stunning. And yet another example of those tiny things that make such a difference.

And what about in your business? Are you focussing on these seemingly tiny things that make all the difference? Food for thought perhaps.