Feedback that Speaks Volumes


“I can’t think of anyone who has so profoundly impacted us. It’s been (and continues to be) HUGE. And Paul does it unlike anyone else I know.”

Daniel Priestley

Founder, Global Business Chain - Key Persons of Influence

“I have been booking big name professional business speakers for the last 10 years. And having spent more than £250,000 in the process I can confidently say that Paul Dunn is the best speaker I have ever seen. And it is not just his presentation style that is stunning, his content is too. I have seen his ideas and presentations transform the results of hundreds of UK businesses, including my own. So if you want better results, you simply must watch Paul!

Steve Pipe

UK Entrepreneur of the Year, Founder and Head or Research, AVN

“If you want to succeed in business and you get a chance to work with Paul in any capacity, grab the opportunity with both hands!”

Peter Cook

Serial Entrepreneur and Author

If you’ve been inspired by what you’ve read so far, come. If you believe in the possibilities created by the HUGE Power of Small and designing your business for good, join the web event. Grab it all and celebrate the difference you’ll be making.