As I travel around the world speaking about the Power of Small, very little surprises me more than the power of just one word. Specifically the power of changing or adding one word to make a stunning difference in so many situations.

As just one example, consider all the salespeople today who are connecting with prospective customers in the B2B world giving those prospective customers a ‘Proposal’. Consider how much better (and forward-pacing) it would be if they presented a ‘Plan’ instead.

And they might present it like this: “So let’s just outline a plan for moving forward” instead of “here’s our proposal.”You can just feel the difference.

And you can feel it in exactly the same way that so many people felt immediately when we suggested stopping Webinars and instead running ‘Web Events’ (see this post for more on that).

And just recently in an airline lounge, I noticed the use of something we’ve been talking about for ages: the use of the word ‘exceptional’.


Again, you change your feeling about the tea — instantly too. (And ‘exceptional is so much better than ‘Premium’.)

It reminds me of how one Security Firm multiplied its business dramatically by simply changing the words ‘we will supply xxx Security Guards’ in proposals (now called ‘plans’ of course) to ‘we will supply xxx Exceptional Security Guards’.

Or consider the coffee shop in Brisbane that has the words ‘Inspirational Coffee’ on the top of their menu (guess what sort of Team Members they employ thanks to that one word addition).

Or even simpler, consider the powerful difference between this oft-used word, ‘Thanks’ and this one ‘Thank you’.

Which, of course, reminds me. Thank you so much for reading this. Do share it too. One word really can make a powerful difference for you and for others today.