What a fabulous launch that was of the iPhone X.

And the brilliant tribute to Steve Jobs right up-front plus the mention of Apple’s response (via Hand-in-Hand) to Hurricanes Irma and Harvey made the opening so, so moving.

But what a beautiful hat-tip it would have been to Job’s legacy if Tim Cook had said right at the end. “Oh …… just one more thing.”

And what if he’d continued, “As I said at the start, everything we do here in Apple is a testament to Steve’s legacy. So …. starting tomorrow, every time an iPhone is ordered, we’re going to make sure that 10 children get access to pure, life-saving water.”

“Not only that, every time someone downloads a paid App from the new App store, we’re going to make sure a tree is planted. And next month we’ll be doing a similar thing to feed children nourishing meals.”

“And then the month after that, we’ll make sure that 10 children in India will get access to e-learning to help get them out of poverty too.”

We could go on. But you get the point.

Interestingly, all of those things would a) cost 10 cents to do and b) they’re being done right now by business right around the world who are part of B1G1: Business for Good .

And right now, together those businesses have contributed to a staggering 116 Million giving impacts in our world.

Of course, Apple getting involved would multiply that impact so dramatically. And just one more thing would lead to many more things instantly impacting the Sustainable Development Goals Most importantly, ‘just one more tiny little thing’ with B1G1: Business for Good would lead us to a world that’s full of giving and smiles.

It would even be one in the eye for President Trump letting him SERIOUSLY understand that business really can make (and is making) a really positive impact on our world.

Check it out.

And let Tim know too if you think it’s about time for a very different ‘just one more thing’ right now.